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Knowing Rediscovered

A six session video series focused on hearing
God and living fearlessly in your true identity!


Course Details

Knowing Rediscovered helps you unlock the transformative power that comes in learning how to know the way Jesus did; how He assessed and knew in realtime what to do in any situation, against any challenge, with any person. Jesus’ capacity to know others enabled him to connect in a way that nurtured each unique relationship, to love each one well. This knowing did not come out of rote disciplines, but was fueled by a deep connectedness with the One who knows all. This study helps you see beneath Jesus’ decisions and the inner directives that led him to powerfully connect with and initiate transformation in many people and communities around him.

It’s his secret sauce. The game changer. And it can be yours, too.

Whether you have a group of 8 friends who want to go through this together or have a church of 1000 ready to go,
this study is tailored for you.

Course Includes

Full HD Videos of All 6 Sessions of The Knowing Rediscovered Course


PDF Downloads of All 6 Sessions of The Knowing Rediscovered Study Guide


Please Note

Knowing Rediscovered is meant to be experienced in community.
The study guide is a digital product which can be printed out for licensed individual use.
The cost is $150 which includes 6 videos and the license to print 10 study guides.
That works out to only $15 per person!

What People Are Saying About
Knowing Rediscovered

“Knowing Rediscovered was a faith catalyst that prompted honest discussion in more than 70 of our small groups.  Jamie and Donna’s teaching and testimonials open the scriptures to reveal a clear understanding of the Kingdom of God.  This study has helped many in our community to better discern the voice of God, receive and release forgiveness, and to know their true identity!”

Derek Harden, Lead Pastor

Christ Fellowship Church
Kingsport, TN

“We use Knowing Rediscovered with every group of international interns we mentor. It is like a light switch turning on their identities and drawing them more fully into who they were made to be. Knowing Rediscovered is a catalyst for incredibly deep and productive conversations leading to genuine life change.”

Debs Walker, Director

Houston, TX

“Through truth telling and freedom principles laid out in Knowing Rediscovered, Jamie and Donna have helped transform the way I think and live. This has impacted not only my life and business but all my relationships and given new meaning and possibilities to the future.”

Steve Petermeyer

Real Estate Broker/Investor
Portland, OR

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